About Koljarn’s Player

Koljarn is played by Brian, a New Jersey expatriate forced to live in the wild lands of northern Virginia.  Warhammer Online is far from his first MMO.

In previous virtual lives, he has been known as Barrek, a paladin from Sosaria and a Knight of the Eternal Flame.  He has also, rather un-originally, been a paladin in Albion, once again a member of the (now defunct) Knights of the Eternal Flame.  Moving on, he was a smuggler named Brek coronis in Star Wars Galaxies (the game that fel so short of its potential that it is still embarrassing), and he was a frenetic blaster named Airstrike on the Guardian server of City of Heroes (Aim!  Power Surge!  NOVA!).  More recently, he played a dedicated frost mage in World of Warcraft, named Archimedes.  He was a member of the Ravenguard guild on the Sentinels server.

In short, he has too much time on his hands.


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