The Dead Marshes Zone Was Not at All What I Excpected

As I stated during my last post, I intended to go explore the Dead Marshes. I confess that I did not go into this with an open mind, and experience with previous products colored my thinking. Warning: RPG geek content ahead.

Once upon a time, when I was still attending High School, one of the games I played was MERP. That’s Middle Earth Role Playing, a long out-of-print ruleset which was a pretty good alternative to the usual TSR fare. Played isn’t really the right term – I ran the game, as a couple of parallel mini-campaigns in different geographic locations. One of the supplements I purchased for the Eastern campaign was “Dagorlad and the Dead Marshes.”

Dagorlad is just a dusty and rugged plain to the north of Mordor. Loosely translated, it just means “the field of battle.” It is where the primary fighting occurred during the War of the Last Alliance which brought an end to the Second Age. Many creatures fell here. Men, Elves, Orcs, Trolls; it was a massive Middle Earth mosh pit of death. The battle was so massive and took so long that many creatures were left to lie where they fell. Some were buried in shallow graves. A few of the fallen, we’re talking nobility or royalty, had full burial mounds erected over them. The point is, though, that Daglorlad is as much a graveyard as it is a battlefield. Graveyards are rarely nice places in most fantasy settings, but here is where it starts getting really nasty. The Anduin is close at hand, and over the centuries, the water percolated through the western side of Dagorlad, forming a ghastly swamp full of dead bodies and flooded graves. Take the Barrow Downs, and turn the “ick” factor up to eleven, and you get the image I’m trying to convey.

OK, enough about MERP. The point is, I had a pre-conceived notion that I’d be wading across pools with hidden, half-rotten wights lurching out of them, grasping at me, dodging will-o-wisp type lights which consume my power and health (similar to the Limrafn found around Evendim), and pushing through  muddy bogs which slowed my movement to a crawl when I left solid ground. What I found was a bunch of orcs, some insects, and a short story line. There was also a brief interlude which focused on the actual Fellowship characters, but overall I have to say that I was disappointed with the zone.

Turbine could have done so much more with the Dead Marshes, but don’t misunderstand me – I feel that this zone should not have been in the game anyway. I maintain that after the Shadows of Angmar and Moria storylines, we should have been hanging out with the Grey Company, not running off to one location or another in a haphazard way. The narrative does not flow properly when you travel all over like LotRO has been doing.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much finished out the Epic up to this point. I believe I’ll grind some reputation for the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll even talk to Bingo Boffin back in the Shire (I skipped that line in the past).

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