Dang Orcs! Get off of the Lawn!

Apologies for the late post. I’ve been out of town over the weekend, but I was able to move the Epic along, finally.

After exploring the Bacon Beacon Hills, getting frustrated by further latency issues (more on this later), and grinding my reputation to Kindred with the Riders of Rohan (how many times must I impress the same people?), I finally got to experience the Battle of the Pelennor Fields (AKA the Great Lawn of Minas Tirith).

Dealing with these incidents one at a time, I’ll talk about the Bacon Beacon Hills, first. The zone is mostly straightforward, except for the fact that there are invisible walls on the northern part of the zone to hem you in. I’ve always despised artificial barriers of this sort. However, I must note that this is one of those zones like Minas Tirith; the longer you stay here, the more your performance degrades (I observed the first core of my CPU spiking here). Every 30 to 60 minutes, I end up exiting from the game client and restarting it to clear things out. 30 minutes if I use a War Steed, 60 minutes if I use a riding horse – yes, it makes a difference. The brief storyline in this zone is engaging enough, but most of the quests involve FedEx type activities.

Having already gone through the Druedain quests, it was not a great effort to head back to the Wild Woods KOA where the army of Rohan was lounging around, and goading them to march south again. I know that it’s not exactly a sign of humility, but I get confused when someone offers me a quest to go distribute porridge to the fighting men of the army. Uh… I was going to go kill a truckload of orcs and trolls, but sure, if Bob is hungry and unwilling to walk 30 feet, I’ll go serve him. I’m beginning to realize why these guys ride into battle: they are too lazy to walk.

But, finally, I got to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Once the battle began, much of the latency that I had experienced in the Bacon Beacon Hills and in Minas Tirith itself just went away. I was amazed. I have a theory that once your client begins to track a dynamic object, such as a walking NPC, it just keeps tracking that object ad infinitum, thus causing your CPU usage to max out as you track more and more objects. During this battle, you spawn in completely different sub-zones repeatedly, moving from one chapter to the next, and it seems to clear out what you are tracking (thus, no latency/lag related to your CPU). The only problem I had in the middle of the battle was the game throwing a quest at me to run a instance which requires a small Fellowship. It may be a cool little instance, and it may be a lot of fun, but breaking in to the narrative to spring that on players isn’t good storytelling. Moving on, though, I did enjoy the rest of the Epic, and I’ve reached the end of what has been written so far. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed some of it so thoroughly that I may revisit it via Reflecting Pool.

Farewell, King of the Mark

So, what to do while waiting for the next part of the Epic Quest? Well, I had avoided going to the Dead Marshes when I first ran across them. Frankly, it was rather artificial and out of place – and I don’t see how you would have the time to ride from the coast to the edge of Mordor and then back again, which is what you would have to do if you followed this quest line at the time it first gets introduced. Also, I still feel that you job should be to stick near the Grey Company, not go haring off on your own. Slipping through the Wild Wood to find out what is delaying the Rohirrim is one thing; crossing a vast distance such as riding from Dol Amroth to Dagorlad is something else entirely. However, I will admit to some curiosity about the Marshes, and I do remember my exploration of the Barrow Downs rather fondly. So, it’s time to go see the Swamp o’ Dead Guys.  I’m bringing plenty of bug spray.

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