A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Level 75

I’ve been trying to earn Superior Fourth Marks for Burhhelm every chance I get.  However, there are long periods where no one seems to need anyone other than tanks and/or healers, which is fine.  That’s why you have alts, right?

So, I have been working on my Captain. I loved the Captain at lower levels, but some time around level 45, the class starts to hit like an anemic poodle trying to swing a bamboo lawn rake. In other words, they can’t do very much on their own.  I banished the Captain for some time, testing the waters with a  Warden and a Lore Master.  However, one of my friends prodded me into giving the Captain another chance.  A strange thing started to happen at about level 60: the Captain started to hold his own once again.  He still doesn’t do damage on par with a Champion, of course (heck, a Captain can’t really keep pace with a 2H Guardian). However, a Captain is tough.  He hangs in there and makes up for his weaker damage by surviving, much like a tank.  His marks and shouts keep him healed, rather than just weathering the storm with armor and avoidance.

That Captain isn’t up to level 75, yet, but the experience of playing the class is far less painful than it was before.  Hopefully, this momentum can be sustained all the way to the level cap.


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