For All the Wrong Reasons

My Captain alt has been making (slow) progress.  Up to level 61, he has finally acquired a Galadhrim horse (his first 250 health mount) and acquired the “In Defence of Middle Earth” trait. During all of this, he has gone up a mere three levels, from 58 to 61.  Why so slow?

I’ve made it no secret that I’m not a fan of the class, probably because I group with friends on weekends, but during the week I almost exclusively solo. My philosophy has always been that grouping is for achievements, loot, and fun.  Solo play is more focused on development – levelling up should be done solo, so you are not a drag on other people.  Likewise, earning coin and crafting needs to be done solo so you don’t infringe on other people’s time. Now, don’t misunderstand – the Captain class is capable of solo play.  However, unlike a Champion (which excels at solo play), the Captain sort of muddles on when alone. A Captain has heavy armour and can heal himself on the fly, so he’s go a lot of staying power. Unfortunately, I never placed staying power as high on my list of priorities as killing speed.

So, why do I torture myself by playing the Captain? Oh, you’re going to smirk at this.  I play him because he’s a forester and a tailor, and he’s already fairly high level. I’m sure it sounds silly, but my circle of friends has no full Guild tailor amongst their characters, but they still have characters that need light or medium armour (and everyone needs a cloak). Furthermore, the only high-level woodworker we have is Burhhelm.  True, he is a member of the Weaponsmith’s Guild, but he’s all we’ve got – and he cannot collect or refine lumber. So, I feel a bit trapped into playing the Captain.  No wonder I have so much animosity for the poor guy.

Well, back to the grind.  It’s almost time to trudge through Mirkwood.


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