Captain Asthmatic

Grouping for Superior Fourth Marks has been slow.  How slow?  I’ve gotten more than half of Burhhelm’s marks from skirmishing.  It’s been a bit frustrating, so much so that I’ve taken to playing alts while monitoring chat channels.

I’ve got a few alts, and I thought that the next one that I was going to level up would be my Guardian.  My friends, however, encouraged me to look into playing my Captain once again.  I had left the poor sod at level 58, stranded in Moria.  Disgusted by the Captain’s lack of DPS and staying power, I had no use for the class.  Yes, I know it’s a support class, but solo capability is vital in a game where you spend most of your activities on your own.

After a few day, I believe that I can say that given the changes from the Rise of Isengard, the Captain is more viable than he was before. People say that his damage output is better, but I still find it weak.  What he has, however, is amazing staying power. He may be wheezing along in a protracted battle almost every fight he gets into, but he will win. It’s not exciting, it’s not glamorous, and it’s not flashy, but the Captain certainly gets the job done.

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