Fervant Fervour User

Just for grins, I have respecced both my class traits and my weapon legacies to a Fervour-heavy build (with a few Ardour legacies remaining, just in case).

Red Traits:
Vicious Strikes
Deadly Strikes
Flurry of Blows

Yellow Traits:
Swift to Anger
Winds of the Storm
Stalwart Blade

Very much like my pre-ROI build; single target damage with a touch of AoE. I loved the Ardour build, but too many quests and skirmish events require you to take out a single tough enemy. The Ardour build is probably better for grouping, though, as I rarely grabbed agro.

My weapon legacies were similarly adjusted:
Major weapon:
+ Wild Attack damage
+ Remorseless strikes damage
+ Crit magnitude
Minor weapon:
– Fear Nothing Cooldown
+ Sudden Defence Duration
+ Horn Damage

The level 65 rune I use is still better than the level 75 ones available. I adjusted it to:
Major class item:
-% Blades Power cost
-% Power Cost for Swift Strike
– Ardour/Glory Pip Interval
Minor class item:
-% Strikes Power cost
+ Ardour/Glory in-Combat Power Regen
– Heroics cooldown

Skirmishing with this Fervour build seems to work at least as well as the Ardour one. The fact that I’m still decked out in level 65 armor is an issue, but that will change over time. While I may miss dishing out the AoE spam, there’s something to be said for devastating a mob with a combined 3k+ Remorseless Strike.




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