Crashes and Festivals

My Kindred got together and had a little gate crashing party at Isengard. Actually, it was a lot of fun, like a raid-sized skirmish. Ultimately, our superb healers carried the day and allowed us under-geared folks to take out the two War Trolls and claim the title of Gatecrasher.

In other news, the Fall Festival has been going since last Wednesday.  I rather like the Fall Festival, it’s a casual event where you can pick and choose your activities and still get enough tokens to buy whatever you like. Even better, from Burhhelm’s perspective, the Inn League lets you drink yourself into a stupor for free! As you may note in the screenshot above, Burhhelm is in the land of the short and hairy-footed.  Given enough alcohol, he can even tolerate Hobbits.

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