They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

Finally, Burhhelm has maxxed his reputation with the Riders of Theodred. With the Pit of Iron hopelessly bugged at the moment (you fall through the floors to your death), you have to do tasks and daily repeatable quests in Isengard in order to fill out the last level of reputation with the Riders. I’ll pull no punches with this statement: these quests suck.

Specifically, finding the mobs that you need to kill sucks.  Additionally, some of these mobs have extremely healthy morale totals and throw extremely unhealthy debuffs on you – not a big deal, if you do these quests with at least one other person (I duo’d these with a friend who plays a Guardian), but doing these solo will be slow going.  My hints for dealing with these issues: first, keep yourself fully stocked with wound (red) potions at all times. Second, you need to sweep entire ares of all mobs (except for the wandering war trolls) and return in a minute or two to check out the respawn. That’s the way that we forced the annoying Apprentices of Sauruman to appear.  Cherry-picking individual Apprentices will get you one or two kills, but clearing an area of all mobs is the best way to get more. Oh, and I mentioned the war trolls already – stay off of the roads, and look both ways before crossing them.  Seriously.  Unless you’re in a large group, these trolls will flatten you.

Don’t forget to turn in the tasks for scabbards and shields in Forthbrond – the orcs you kill will drop heaps of these.  The extra reputation you earn through tasks will mean less hunting for Apprentices.

I didn’t mind the reputation quests in Enedwaith – there were lots of them, allowing you to vary your routine and choose what quests you enjoyed the most. There are only four repeatable quests in Isengard.  You’ll end up doing the same four again and again, and it gets to be taxing. This seems to be the major flaw in the Rise of Isengard expansion – the endgame is nothing but repetition. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to repeat the same skirmishes again and again in order to collect Superior Fourth Marks. Did I mention that the expansion involved a great deal of repetition?

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