At the Cap and Still Going

Over the long weekend, Burhhelm managed to claw his way to level 75. I know that many people have complained about not enough quests to make it all the way to the level cap, but I hadn’t found that to be the case.  I did, however, find that the quests that did exist had little overlap, and things were more obviously linear than usual.  They need to add a few quests in the 73-75 range, just to spice things up a bit. Still, it was enough to get there, so I had to allow Burhhelm a moment of celebration.

Burhhelm has a good yell after making it to 75

There, now that he’s done gloating…. Some other issues with the expansion and being at the level cap.  First, the epic quest line just leaves you hanging. While it was satisfying enough to throttle a few traitors, it feels as if a few months more of writing and development were needed to make this expansion stand out. It’s like listening to an orchestra play music and reach towards a crescendo, and stop just short of getting there. It’s a bit frustrating, but at least it’s mostly free of bugs.  Mostly.  The Pit of Iron is notoriously bugged, and Turbine is well aware of it.  Hopefully, this will be remedied in the future so that people can explore it. Finally, at 75 you begin the same old legendary item grind.  That’s really getting old – I wish Turbine would write a quest so that you could upgrade your existing legendary items rather than simply destroy them and start again – after all, they are supposed to be legendary.  There’s no great legends behind swords that were used for a short time and melted down to be re-used. I want to wield Anduril, Sting, Anglachel, or Guthwine, not a weapon made from pieces of other random items.

So, I suppose it’s off to skirmish for a month or two in order to earn enough marks to upgrade my new legendary sword and my armour. See you in the Galtrev skirmish camp.


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