Halfway There

Burhhelm has been steaming right along at a steady pace through the Rise of Isengard content, and he has just reached the first camp of the Riders of Rohan. I’m in no rush to hit the level cap, but it will happen soon, anyway – I’m playing this for the quests, and there are so many that I can’t help but level up.  I understand that the number of quests was a problem to some of the players, but I happen to have skirmished for a week before digging into the expansion itself.  Perhaps I inadvertently gave myself a buffer, as I went into it at level 67.

The writers worked very hard at trying to make the Dunlendings more sympathetic.  As presented in the Lord of the Rings books, all we knew was that they had a history of conflict with the Rohirrim, and were linked in some way to the Oath Breakers.  Turbine successfully makes them the lesser evil, compared to Saruman.  Still, I’m more than a little ready to meet the Riders.

Oh, and the highlight of the expansion so far? Slaying Bugan Hobbits.


How do you like THIS pie?


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