Weekend Post-Mortem

I’ll be the first to admit it – I was getting tired of waiting.  Thus, when one of my friends suggested that I head into Dunland to try out the new zone over the weekend rather than wait for Monday, I didn’t resist too much.

The new zones are still populated pretty heavily, but many folks have moved on from the two areas where you can start your journey into the expansion.  You get asked to chose one path into Dunland to begin with – my advice is to try whatever sounds good to you, as you can get quests in the other area when you complete your first choice.  It sounds like a mechanic for splitting the player population between two mini-zones, and it’s a good idea.  Story-wise, I found the Bonevales storyline to mesh a little better with the existing Enedwaith content, but the Trum Dreng quests are quite fun on their own.

I finished my weekend in Galtrev, the regional banking and crafting hub.  Imagine the Twenty-First Hall on one of it’s more crowded days, and that’s Galtrev.  Even with dynamic layers, the place lags like a dog.  On top of that, there are a bunch of quests in Galtrev that you need to do in order to advance the story. Of course, where there are lots of people, there are always a few jerks hiding in the crowd – be prepared to put a few on Ignore, just to save yourself from the rudeness and the chat spam.  Business as usual.

Burhhelm is getting close to level 70.  Skirmishing gives good experience, but the rapid fire chain of quests in Dunland give even large blocks of experience.  On top of the quests, there are tasks which you will inevitably complete, because they entail collecting items from mobs that you will have to go after anyway.  As I level up, I’ve found that Burhhelm’s level 65 gear (Annuminas armour and a crafted 2nd age legendary) is starting to get long in the tooth, but it is still better than the crafted stuff available at level 70 or any of the quest rewards I’ve run across so far.  I’m keeping my eyes open for any upgrades, though.


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