Is the Grass Greener?

Decisions, Decisions….

Last night, I tinkered around a bit more with different Champion builds. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the new treatment of Ardour – it works well for me, as I always enjoyed mowing through the trash mobs. However, I was not yet ready to dismiss Fervour without giving it a fair shake.

Using a build with Blood Lust (F), Deadly Strikes (F), Deep Strikes (F), Vicious Strikes (F), Eye of the Storm (A), Stalwart Blade (A), and Winds of the Storm (A). It’s a straightforward DPS build, and it worked just fine. Naturally, it dealt better with individual and small groups of mobs, but it was far from useless against larger numbers. I had no power problems, but I still think that this build would work best with a 2H weapon. This build is probably best suited to solo grinding – in my experience, the single-target DPS for a full Fellowship has usually been supplied by a Hunter. It was still fun to play, though, and that alone makes it a viable build.

After some advice from other Champions, I also tried an 5-Ardour build in order to give Improved Great Cleave a try. The traits for this test were Battle Acumen (A), Eye of the Storm (A), Stalwart Blade (A), Swift to Anger (A), Winds of the Storm (A), Controlled Fury (F), and Bountiful Mercy (F). I found the cooldown on Battle Acumen to be too long to work into a regular rotation – it seems best used right before pitching a few AoE moves in a row. So, I replaced Battle Acumen with Improved Rend, for the armor debuff. I was ready to dislike this build. I had played a Fervour-heavy Champion since I started playing LotRO, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even skirmish boss fights were just fine, so long as I shifted from Ardour to Fervour for the encounter. I’ll use this build for a while, and see how it works out in the long term.

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