Ready or Not…

Here comes the expansion.  Burhhelm spent the weekend skirmishing and wrapping up some old half-completed deeds. His skirmish soldier is nearly maxxed out – healing skills and level is at 25, the personal buffs are only at level 24.  Close enough.  I went through five Zeal deeds.  That was a chore, but Zeal is suddenly in demand – I was far from alone in working on these deeds, and the competition for the spawn was intense at times. With that behind me, I feel ready for Isengard.

Girded for battle!

Girded for battle!

Which brings up an issue – I don’t plan on hitting any of the new content for at least a week. Insanity, you say? No, it’s just my preferred policy. Consider, if you will, the competition I had to endure in order to grind out a few kill deeds this weekend.  Yes, I grouped with people in the area to hasten things along – there were other groups as well, all trying to get the same mobs! This is a hint of what the situation will be like in the new zones.  They are going to be mobbed, and everyone will be hunting the same goblins, wargs, or whatever the new quests require. My standard procedure is to wait for at least a full week to pass before sampling any new content.

Still, I will probably do a bit of skirmishing.  A little experience to give me a leg up in the new zones wouldn’t be unwelcome.


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