Violence and Bloodshed

So, I’ve been re-exploring Middle Earth and skirmishing like a fool.  The Champion is a pretty straightforward class, and I’ve already worked the kinks of out my solo play and have done all right in group play – though it was only in a duo (I generally don’t go in for more than 3-person instances, anyway). I feel pretty confident – bring on the expansion.

Champions tend to yell when excited

You want some o' this?

That being said, there’s work in my future over the weekend.  Cleaning up old deeds on Burhhelm, and levelling my Guardian with a lower level friend or two. I’m not a huge fan of the Guardian, but it’s an easy class to play in small groups.  I can’t ask for more than that. My Kinship celebrated the Baggins boys’ birthday last night, but I was too distracted with realm life and skirmishing to get involved. I am not fond of Kinship events, because I feel obligated to attend them.  It’s like getting a meeting invitation from your boss while you’re in the middle of a project – you know you should go, but you’d rather stay focused.

Anyway, I tried to pre-emptively burn the Shire to the ground, but the game wouldn’t let me. Disappointing.



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