This Again?

So, I assume all interested folks have read the planned changes for the Champion class, right? If not, you can check them out HERE.

Change is always interesting, and though this will probably have little difference on my existing playstyle, it does bring up the old “Dual Wield versus Two Handed” argument again. From my point of view (a solo and small group player), Two Handed style is starting to gain favor over Dual Wielding.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Dual Wield goes through your power bar more quickly.  This is fine for short skirmishes, but for long fights it becomes a problem. +1 to Two Handed.
  • Dual Wield does get an advantage in that you get to carry an additional item which gives you additional stat bonuses. +1 to Dual Wield.
  • Dual Wield’s fervour cost discount is going to be the norm, not an advantage. This is an important gain for Two Handed. +1 to Two Handed.
  • Flurry is an integral part of the Fervour stance, now – traited, it is always on, no defeat response needed. Another +1 for Two Handed.
  • Interrupting with Two Handed can be more dicey, as your attacks are slightly less responsive. +1 Dual Wield.
  • Dual Wield still gains fervor pips at a higher rate than Two Handed. +1 Dual Wield.

Tied at three points each? Well, let me stress the importance of Dual Wield using power at a greater rate than Two Handed.  Because, in Ardour stance, you get power back at a slower rate.  I wouldn’t even consider Ardour stance when Dual Wielding, you run out of power far too quickly. Why would you use Ardour? When providing the main source of AoE damage for a fellowship, the reduced power cost and reduced threat for AoE attacks is a huge advantage. Overall, I think Two Handed is a slightly better choice, on paper.

What’s better in practice? I’ll tell you next week, after the expansion is released.







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