The Yule Festival: Two Steps Back

We had our first snowfall of the season where I live. So, it was only right that Burhhelm should roust himself and check out this year’s Yule Festival.

While they added a new instance to the Shire for the Harvest Festival, they have added a full mini-zone for Yule. The themes seem to be somewhat Dickens-esque. Overworked and underpaid workers, desperate beggars, and picking the pockets of the wealthy are a few of the recurring quests. There is also a play where you must act out emotes or risk being pelted with fruit and so forth, but I’m not sure how that ties into the holiday theme.

To be blunt, this festival is not up to snuff. The quests are great, if you want to play a character who is into skullduggery, stealth, and somewhat larcenous. Neither Burhhelm, nor any of my alts are that sort of character – and I have no use for it myself, on a personal level. Is the mayor of the town a tyrant? Kick his arse. Problem solved. The evil mayor has turned the town guards into his own private army to enforce his will on the citizens? Fine, kick the guards’ arses. The rich citizens are hoarding all of the food? Kick their arse and give the food to the poor. The hobbits are having trouble putting on their play? Kick their arses – they are hobbits and richly deserve it. Kicking arse – is there any problem that it cannot solve?

If I were to rate this festival, I would give it 2 of 5 stars. It is an average MMO attempt at a holiday activity, but it has little-to-no tie-in with Middle Earth. You can skip it and not miss anything. Which is a shame, really – it is a missed opportunity for the game.


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