You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time

And that may be just enough.

Burhhelm Now not only has the Elves bamboozled into giving him one of their new horses…

… he also has the rest of Eriador fooled as well.

OK, some reactions.  Such as “what the heck is with that flagpole stuck in the horse’s saddle?”  I really don’t know, and I find it a little bizarre.  Frankly, I prefer the Algraig mount to either of these two horses.  However, they have additional speed, which makes them slightly more useful in large zones.  Maybe one day, Turbine will allow us to use a sort of costume system for mounts, so we can use whatever skin we want for our horse, regardless of the way it looks.

Speaking of costume pieces, Turbine has added a mess of them to the online store.  Helm of Rohan, Elven cloaks, and even the Hauberk of Glory are available.  If you have the points, go ahead and browse.


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