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When Life Gives You Lemons, Take a Vacation

Posted in LotRO, Online Gaming with tags , on November 15, 2010 by koljarn

I apologize for the long break in my posts – not that I post regularly enough that anyone might have noticed. To keep the story as straightforward as possible, I am being shuffled between offices and positions, and I took a vacation, since I wasn’t going to be doing anything productive anyway. I regret to inform anyone who hoped otherwise that the Rodent Lord still rules the Orlando area.

Anyway… enough talk about the physical, on to the virtual. Even before my trip to Florida, I was testing the waters with a Warden alt. I like the class, but I have noticed that they build up threat over time, not using some one-button taunt power like the guardian. This is of note simply because other people I group with seem to miss that point, and they fly straight into a DPS frenzy the moment that the group pulls a mob. Maybe it’s just my experiences as a glass-cannon mage in WoW, but I always let the tank gain a nice agro lead before joining in – except against swarms of normal mobs, which a Champion can cut to ribbons.

I have to admit that the Warden solos nicely, is a wonderfully flexible class, and is fun to play. This beat my experiences with my Guardian, who I just can’t play for more than a single skirmish at a time because I find the class so dull. It’s a bit sad, because I put so much effort in just getting my Guardian to level 40. The Warden (named Galmann, which loosely translates to “madman”) is almost ready to enter Moria – I think it might be time to pause and clean up any loose ends in the Volume I epic.  I’m not in a rush to hit the endgame, I’m enjoying the journey too much right now.