There are two ways to force me to keep a LotRO alt.  The first way is to let my trade skills get so high that the character is indispensable.  The other way is to pile on the badges, titles, or Deeds.

Thus, I am doomed to keep the Warden that I’ve been playing, as he has cleared the Deeds in all three starting areas and is just about done with the Lone Lands.  You say that it sounds silly?  Consider that Deeds grant a significant stat bonus for characters before you take that stance.  They are also far from a trivial investment, time-wise.

Sometimes there is a different scenario: you really enjoy a character and you want to keep it.  In such a case, I suggest that you complete the Deeds in all three starting zones, plus the Lone Lands and the North Downs.  After that, you can pick and choose which Deeds to complete (I still suggest that you finish all of them, as they now grant Turbine Points).  That way, you have a good foundation to draw upon.  You can play the game without completing any Deeds, but why turn your nose up at significant stat bonuses which cost you nothing but a little extra time?

On the Champion front, I have signed Burhhelm up for two raids this weekend as a standby attendee.  Although I enjoy playing the Warden, I still enjoy playing the Champion far too much to ever set him aside for long.  Here’s to hoping that they need a little AoE.


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