Distractions, Disctractions….

So, only a few days after Burhhelm has gotten the gear for which I was working, and my circle of friends is trying to get me to drop playing him in favor of a low-level Warden.  This is mainly due to the fact that one of our group refuses to level any of his characters beyond 55 before each and every one of his alts has caught up to the same level.  Personally, I find the whole thing slightly irritating, but they are my friends and the game is about their enjoyment as much as mine.  The alternative to playing my Warden is to play my Loremaster, but the Loremaster is too high a level to be hanging out with the other characters in our lowbie group.  Thus, I have begun doing some work on Galmann, my Warden from Dale.

The good news is that playing a Warden can be a fairly casual and entertaining affair.  The Gambit system is almost a mini-game of its own, and a Warden’s health and defenses are pretty formidable (only natural for one of the two tanking classes in the game).  Of course, the bad news is that the Warden does tank-level damage.  If you’re hoping to scream a battle cry and wade into a swarm of mobs, laying waste to them like a Champion, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  I do enjoy playing the class, in limited doses – despite the talk from my friends, this is only going to be an alt.  I enjoy the Champion too much to ever retire Burhhelm from the position of  “main.”

If I really am going to play this Warden all the way to level 65, though, it will require completing various Deeds.  That includes Shire Deeds.  Such as delivering mail and running pies around.  I can foresee that this will only nurture my pathological hatred of Hobbits.  You just know that when the Warden hits level 65, he will sit in Enedwaith killing bugan while laughing maniacally.


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