At Breakneck Speed

Quite a bit of gear progression this week.  Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly:

The Good:

Burhhelm is now wearing a full set of Annuminas armor.  Armor rating has gone up significantly.  This means that survivability has also gone up as well.  Additionally, I have maxxed his reputation with the Grey Company and bought a new pocket item, and I am working on the Algraig reputation to get a sword which, together with the pocket item, gives me yet another set bonus.  Finally, a Symbol of Celebrimbor dropped, and I hammered that sucker into a new Second Age legendary sword.   It’s nice to finally have a Second Age weapon again.

The Bad:

Burhhelm’s jewelry items need a major overhaul to adjust for deficiencies in the armor – notably a lack of agility.  At least money’s not a major problem, as the instances give you a great deal of silver.  Still, finding items that make up for this lack of agility without totally sacrificing might and/or vitality has not been easy so far.

The Ugly:

Did I mention that most of the instances that I ran over the last week were done with PUGs?  I mean pick-up groups, not small dogs – though small dogs would have been better companions.  Of course, these PUGs , which seemed to be composed of 50% hardcore raiders and 50% hardcore PvP players, insisted on using in-game voice chat.  Have I mentioned that LotRO voice chat is junk?  I have?  Well, I’m saying it again.  I just love to try and decipher lines like the following:

“- and you have to be extremely careful because *mumble* tanker Gilgamesh *mumble* Spartan *mumble* lingerie

“Whatever you do, do not step on the *mumble* pie *mumble*”

“When we get to *mumble* moon *mumble* lure *mumble*, you must stop using AoE.”

There’s a reason that my usual circle of friends use Ventrilo instead of in-game voice chat.  It’s not because Ventrilo is the greatest thing in the world – our Ventrilo server actually has a shaky connection that seems to make people drop offline from time to time.  No, we prefer to use Ventrilo because in-game voice chat universally sucks.


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