On the Brink

I’ve generated (and played) three different Praetorian characters so far.  I played two scrappers, which is unusual for me, and one blaster.  Guess which one finished their story arc?  That’s right, the blaster.  For some reason, I always lose interest in scrappers.

Anyway, I finished the “wardens” arc, which is part of the Resistance.  I also plan on eventually finishing the “responsibility” arc, which is a loyalist storyline.  That should pose no problem for me.  I’d like to finish the “crusader” arc also, but but the “crusader” and “power” arcs make me want to punch NPCs in the face.  Specifically, the NPCs who are asking me to do all sorts of horrific things – my contacts.  Like any sane being, I tend to avoid unpleasant things that I don’t need to do, so I may procrastinate on the crusader arc  indefinitely.

My Praetorian blaster, however, is pure joy to play (as are all blasters).  At level 19, he is at the top of the Praetoria level limit, so I think I’ll spend a few days flying around town and collecting all the badges.  It is definitely the nicer alternative – I suspect that the crusaders arc will have me burning down a day care center, or the responsbility arc will have me cleaning up the aftermath of a fire in a day care center.  Yeah, some of the missions are that bad.


One Response to “On the Brink”

  1. I know what you mean by only having interesting playing with a certain type of character.. In WoW, I could only play with hunters; no rogues or death knights could draw my attention.


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