I’ve Got Me Some Words…

It’s been a while since a real post was made, and I feel the urge to speak my mind today.  Not about 40K (yes, I still paint occasionally, and the Deathwing force is nearing completion).  No, today I believe I will pontificate about City of Heroes and speculate about Lord of the Rings Online.

Last night, I got early access to New Praetoria in CoH (me and the thousands of others who pre-ordered it).  I have to say that playing as a Praetorian looks fun, and I started a Brute there.  When in doubt, generate an angry old man and turn him loose (this one was “creatively” named Drunken Geriatric).  He has the new kinetic melee and energy defense powersets, and they seem fun enough at low levels.  I have no experience at higher levels, though.

However, the two specific character types that I love in CoH remain the energy/energy blaster and the radiation/radiation defender.  The blaster does great damage, has dramatic knockback effects, and can be an asset to the team if you know how to use knockback as a tool rather than as an annoyance.  The defender can turn a rampaging archvillain into a impotent old man.  A rad/rad defender is playable on his own, but he’s absolute hell on wheels with a group.  Anyway, back to Going Rogue and New Praetoria…

There is a fear among Tankers that Brutes will replace them, now that you can create a Brute and switch sides to become a hero rather than a villain.  Brutes have slightly lower defense caps, but their damage output is significantly higher.  I’m waiting to see what will happen, but I do think that the Tanker community’s fears are well-founded.  The only was to even the disparity would be to buff tankers (which would antagonize Scrappers) or to nerf Brutes (which would antagonize everyone who generated a Brute with plans to switch to the Hero side).  Of course, the devs could just do nothing and accept whatever happens… that’s always an option, but the devs in CoH have a reputation for meddling with the game mechanics.

LotrO has had a new zone in the works for a while.  Enedwaith – Dunland – will be interesting.  It is supposed to have varied terrain – which makes sense, since it is a large area bordered by major rivers on the north and south, the sea on the west, and the Misty Mountains to the East.  The men of the region – Dunlendings – have alternatively sworn allegiance to Gondor and Sauron in times past.  Not the most trustworthy bunch.  The unstable nature of the area would make it ripe for adventure.

It’s also interesting that Turbine seems to have us alternatively chasing after and guarding the flank of the Fellowship.  In any case, an expansion set in Rohan can’t be too far off – Dunland  is just to the west of Rohan, and the areas of Mirkwood that have been detailed are not too far to the north.  Perhaps in two or three more expansions, we will get Rohan and Helm’s Deep.  I’m looking forward to it.


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