News from the Rock

Been working a bunch of overtime, but I’ve been forcing myself to paint for an hour or two almost every day.  Progress through persistance, and all of that.

So, as promised long ago, here are some of the things on which I’ve been spending my precious free time.

Tactical Squad 1 – rebased, with a new lascannon to compliment the plasma gun,  and with a new sergeant model:

Tactical Squad 2 – identical loadout and the same work:

Here are some different models also rebased, so that I can swap out the weapons in the tac squads as required:

Here’s Devastator Squad 9.  Replaced the four lascannon previously in this squad with missile launchers updated the sergeant:

How about some more ranged firepower?  Rebased sniper scouts with a heavy bolter:

Finally, I really do not like to post work-in-progress shots, but here are the bikes of the two Ravenwing sergeants that I’m painting at this time:


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