Nerd Rage!

I’ve stated before that I always try to patronize local businesses rather than using the Internet when making a purchase. As always, Murphy’s Law decided to impose itself.

All I wanted to purchase was some modeling putty, some paint, and some dye. I was flexible about the brand of pain and dye – all that mattered was that the paint be a light brown color and the dye needed to be dark brown. I was informed that they were out of stock on each item, and that they would be willing to do a special order for me instead. OK, I could understand being out of stock on a special model or a limited edition game piece. No big deal. However, common supplies are something that you keep in stock. I might have thought that this was due to a run on the store, except that this was over the course of two weeks, and on each visit to the store they were out of stock. Naturally, I ordered my supplies online, where I received them at a significant discount.

Do I feel guilty about ordering hobby supplies online? Yes, which may strike people as a bit odd. Local businesses are important to me – not the big shops, I mean the small businesses with one or two branches. Restaurants, local hardware stores, and those sort of businesses usually give something back to the community. This particular hobby shop is a great place to hang out and talk to other gamers, but it has pretty poor record about keeping itself well stocked. Frankly, I don’t know how long it will stay in business if it continues this practice.

Enough ranting. I have completed almost all of the power armored Dark Angels in my refurbishment project. I have four Ravenwing bikers to re-base, and I am putting together two new Ravenwing sergeants (when I first put the Ravenwing squads together, there were no mounted models with sculpted robes). When I finally finish the Ravenwing stuff, I’ll try to snap a few photographs. Then, it will be time to re-base a terminator assault squad and paint two more magnetized dreadnought arms. I’ll have to squeeze one more ranged terminator squad in there, somewhere. I have a bunch of stuff to do, but the progress that I’ve made is heartening, to say the least.

Online, I haven’t had much time to do too much. I’ve been tinkering around with lowbies in CoH, trying out the electric tanker build. It is visually appealing, but I don’t know how well it will perform at later levels. As always, blasters remain my favorite archetype.


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