For the Lion and Him on Terra!

At last

Belial is completed.  Well, as completed as he needs to be.  I had mentioned earlier that I used rare earth magnets to hold his arms in place, thus allowing me to swap out Belial’s weaponry.  However, I did not complete the storm bolter and power sword, as I really don’t think I would use them.  However, I do have the option of spending a few hours on them and giving Belial a new look, if it ever becomes necessary.
This is not the first independent character in tactical dreadnought armor that I have painted.  I have an older sculpt of a terminator captain and a librarian in terminator armor as well.  As you can see from the captain below, they aren’t the same scale – they are very nicely sculpted, though.

 I will have to purchase the new sculpt of the terminator librarian and paint one of them, just for completeness.  I will probably use him in games over 2000 points.  Now, on to refurbishing older models.  I have a terminator assault squad, a pair of tactical squads, some Ravenwing bikes, and a dev squad all in need of re-basing.  It is tedious, but matching the bases provides a more uniform look, as you can see from this group shot with Belial and some of my old Deathwing models. (note: the Deathwing squad banners are NOT my work, but they are available for download from The Dark Fortress).

So, one small project has spawned many small projects in 40K.   No surprise, as it always works that way.  In MMORPGs, I am still tinkering around with CoH.  There seem to be many improvements since I played last, but there are also fewer players.  What that says for the health of the game, I cannot say.  It’s fun enough, but I hope that LotRO comes out with some better content so that I can head back to Middle Earth.  Paragon City is a nice place to vacation, but Middle Earth is my online home (at least right now).


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