The Flight of the Albatross

You know, a lifetime subscription to LotRO is a dangerous thing.  It gives you the feeling of freedom to explore other games – after all, it’s not like you will have to pay Turbine to keep your account active.  This has been demonstrated to me as one of my friends decided to try City of Heroes again to see how much it has changed in the several years since we last played.

Airstrike flies again!

There are good things to be found in City of Heroes – the police scanner allows for endless streams of random missions whenever you want one, there have been new zones added (including a zone set in ancient Rome, which is quite cool), new task forces, new costume parts, and lots more.  Unfortunately, there is also the matter of the crafting system, which requires farming for the correct drops (something I universally hate), playing around with power enhancements under the current system of reduced returns for stacking the same enhancement, and general frustration when trying to solo with a Defender or a Controller – the LotRO Captains of CoH.

I’m keeping it casual, which seems to irk other players (Why aren’t you in a Task Force?  You’re wasting time!).  What can I say?  I like flying around and zapping random villains.  I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to spot some baddies on top of a building, fly in under cover of Concealment, and then let loose with a Power Boosted point-blank Nova explosion in their midst.  You can get some damn good distance that way.  Think of it as golf – that’s what I do.


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