Where the Hell Is My Flying DeLorean?

OK, granted that I’m still five years early, but I spent both days of the weekend and one day last week on the road (I was out of state for several days), and traffic along I-95 sucks worse every year.  To hell with swerving around stalled cars and collision debris – I want to zip by overhead.  Gravity is such a bitch.

While I was out of town, one of my friends called – he is trying out City of Heroes again.  There’s a long story behind the rise and fall of City of Heroes in my circle of friends.  Let’s just say that some people had violently negative reaction to class (archetype) re-balancing.  So, I paid for a month of CoH.  I logged in (I remembered my user name and password – small victory there), and puttered around on an ice/ice blaster that I created long ago.  I really enjoyed the blaster class – my only character at the level cap is an energy/energy blaster.  Energy makes me giggle myself silly due to the massive knockback effects.  Ice is fun because it has more control elements, though.

I haven’t finished my Belial model, yet – I got sidetracked in assembling a Deathwing standard-bearer and a Deathwing apothecary, both of which look quite respectable to me.  I need to knuckle down and paint the basics, though – the Deathwing squad upgrades aren’t in any of my lists until I hit 2500 points.  When I get a set of arms done for Belial, I’ll post a photo, but not before.  I have to hold true to some standards!


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