Plotting and Planning

The past two weeks have really been a mixed bag.  I’ve tinkered around on both my Guardian and my Loremaster, explored the Spring Festival rather thoroughly, played other games, and even got around to priming the Dark Angel models I posted a while back.  All this plus working on some minor landscaping projects and catching up on some movies that I’ve been meaning to see.  In other words, I’ve done a little bit of a lot of things, but not enough to really comment on them.

Spring is upon us, and Summer won’t be far behind it.  Time to make some goals, I suppose.  I have some mundane ones, like purchasing and installing a new front and back door on the house (doors which are more energy-efficient, that is).  Gaming-wise, I’d really like to finish Dragon Age: Awakenings, the Dawn of War expansion, and paint that Dark Angel captain and a new arms for my venerable dreadnought (also magnetized, so I can swap the weapons).  Unfortunately, that last part is going to be heavily dependant on the weather.  If it is too wet or too dry, painting doesn’t work out too well.  I’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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