Warning: Technobabble follows.

Word has been buzzing around the ‘Net and in my office about Apple’s new iPad product.  None of my immediate co-workers have a desire to purchase one, so it got me wondering about the target demographic of this product.  Speaking with my circle of friends and my family, it seems like the more technical your job is, the less you want one – except for those people with money to burn, who told me that they would buy it as an expensive toy (that must be nice).

I’ll admit that I have no interest in the thing, because I’m a desktop guy.  Most laptops don’t have the power I crave, let alone a tablet device like the iPad.  While I own a MP3 player, I don’t have any interest in a book reader, either (sorry, Kindle).  If I were to buy a portable computing device, it would be a high-end laptop (of course, I graduated high school at about the time when this was considered portable).

So, when will someone like me become interested in a tablet, like the iPad?  When it has all of the power and capabilities of a full desktop or laptop system, of course.  As silly as it sounds, I’m sure that day is not too far off.  Memory is becoming less expensive every year, and high capacity solid-state hard drives are already possible (although rather pricey).  The recent interest in electric vehicles is almost certainly going to lead toresearch into battery technologies, and OLED screen are a recent innovation.  In other words, it is not a question of “if” a tablet-sized device could ever be powerful enough to suit the needs of a power user like myself, it is more of a question of “when.”

For now, however, the answer is “not today.”


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