Tanks Aren’t DPS

I’m not going to go into details, but the meat of this post comes from a raid aftermath discussion with one of my friends.  I wasn’t involved in most of the raid – I only attended a single fight.  The boss that the raid was trying to take down had wiped the raid more than a handful of times already.  People had to go repair and return before I even got there.  The reason that the raid was unable to defeat the boss?  There were just too damn many tanks.

I understand the need to include everyone in guild events.  I rarely sign up for them any more, because I now work weekends (when most events are scheduled, of course).  However, there is a delicate balance which one much achieve between inclusiveness and balancing your resources.  There were no less than five tank-type classes in the raid before I joined, most of them severely under-geared, and some of them a little low on the level-scale as well.  Even supported by two captains, three healers, and a loremaster to restore energy, can you be all that surprised when I tell you that the boss was able to outlast the “onslaught” of one-handed weaponry which was menacingly waved in its general direction?

Four of the tanks got frustrated and left for the night, which is where I came in, as well as assorted other DPS classes (hunters, RKs and the like).  In short order, we were able to tear the boss to pieces.  All of this could be avoided if someone could have just said “no” to some of the people who wanted to tag along.  Not that they weren’t welcome.  What I mean is “No, you can’t bring your level 58 warden in level 40 gear – bring your main character instead, please.  If you want to start using the warden, then give them a little TLC.”  It may seem like you’re being a bit callous to that player, but that fact is that if you don’t tell that player to use a better levelled and geared character, then you’re wasting the time of every other player in attendance.

That isn’t fair.

C’mon, man up a little if you are going to lead a raid.  Do it for the other players.


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