Slogging On

It’s been a very wet week.  It seems like it’s been raining about half of the time, and while the plant life may love it, I am not a fan.

LotRO-wise, the Spring Festival has been going for a week.  I found some parts interesting – like the Ale Association, after all, who doesn’t like to push hobbits around?  However, I have been irritated by the problems which Turbine has been having with the festival horse vendors.  My cunning plan was to save gold on a horse purchase by having my Guardian (now level 42) wait for a festival before acquiring a mount.  Well, he has a race token and 45 spring leaves, but no horse.  My dog stated it best when he said “Grrr.”

On the 40k front, I have not been idle.  I scrapped my initial plan to convert one of the new Space Hulk terminators, and decided to play with green stuff again.  Green stuff and myself have a long and illustrious hate-hate relationship.  However, I think the results weren’t half bad (though they look a bit messy unprimed.

Oh, did I mention that the model is magnetized?  Yeah, I can swap out the wargear.  I’m not exactly the first person to do this, but I’m still pleased with the result.

En Alae Mortis, indeed.


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