Commence au Festival!

The Spring Festival is being sprung upon us.  I hope everyone is ready for some generally silliness and lag over the next week or two.

Burhhelm is a mighty angler indeed, now.  With the changes to the fishing system, it was relatively easy to get enough darters, trout, and sturgeon to collect the large group trophies.  In an effort to creep everyone out, I’ve moved all of the dead fish to the central room of my house, and moved all severed head trophies to the bedroom.  That ought to keep people from crashing at my place.

Although I purchased Chaos Rising for Dawn of War 2, and I went through the introduction of Dragon Age: Awakenings, I really haven’t had time to scratch the surface of either of those games.  Time has been a scare commodity.

For tabletop gaming (specifically 40K), I did manage to secure enough bits to make a convincing Belial model to lead my Deathwing contingent.  I can’t wait to get to work on it.  I’ve a few ideas and there are three possible models I could cobble together out of this mess.


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