Fish, Swords, and the Sword Halls

What does a main character do when there is little end-game content that he has not visited ?  Go fishing, naturally!

Yes, Burhhelm is still fishing away.  Call it an obsession.  I call it relaxing.  I’ve added the trout group trophy to my collection, and I’m trying to find out where I can catch a pallid sturgeon in order to finish off the sturgeon group (currently, I’m fishing in Eregion).  A waste of time?  Silly?  Of course it is, but I’m enjoying it.

A few friends and me hit the Sword Hall and the Warg Pens over the last two days.  The results were impressive – one of my companions hit level 65 and the other one maxed the level out on his third age weapon.  As for me, I had fun – Warg Pens was something that was on my to-do list, and I took great pleasure in marking it off.

And finally, there was a long discussion in Kin chat primarily regarding legendary items, but touching on gear in general, also..  I found it interesting, though I will confess that I enjoy talking about game-theory and others find it to be a dry topic.  Many people found the idea of replacing legendary items to be somewhat repugnant – after all, they are supposed to level along with the character.  I can sympathize.  There’s not good reason not to put quest lines into the game which would allow you to upgrade the level cap on an existing legendary item as you level up.   Personally, I find it appalling that as a crafter, I cannot determine the legacies on an item that I make.  That is patently stupid – do crafters wear a blindfold when they make legendary items?  Finally, someone brought up the whole concept of gear-dependancy; basically, too much of your character’s ability comes from the gear they carry.  I agree with this.  In my opinion, gear bonuses should take a heavy nerfing, and I would raise the bonuses from virtues (you’d have to make virtues scale with level, though).

I’m sure that others have already put this idea forth more eloquently than I can.  Sometimes, however, you just have to voice your opinion.


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