Go Punch a Leprechaun or Something

Yeah, it is Saint Patrick’s day.  No, I don’t want any green beer.  I do have the overwhelming urge to generate a Dwarf or Hobbit, dress them all in green, and run around spamming “They’re magically delicious, you magnificent bastards!”

It’s been a long, long week.  To be more precise, it’s been a twelve day work week.  No days off, no time to really unwind, but I did snag a promotion, which is always good.  Not much time for gaming, but I did sneak a little I over the last two days.

On Monday, my usual group of cohorts recruited me to hit the level 45 instance in the Barrow Downs.  The name eludes me, but I find it interesting in that it is really just a mini-zone.  It isn’t really instanced – we ran across other people multiple times.  That’s good and it’s bad, as we could only locate two boss mobs on which to vent our fury.  A couple more trips to that place, and I’ll finally be up to Kindred with the men of Bree.

On Tuesday, I tinkered around with Dawn of War.  I didn’t have a great deal of time, of course, so I haven’t even begun the new Chaos Rising campaign.  In any case, I’d like to finish the original campaign with a character, and then roll into the new content.

Along with Chaos Rising, my copy of Dragon Age: Awakenings arrived.  Since I just recently finished the original game, I decided to import my old character before I hit the sack for the night.  I would have to say that the result was one of my <ahem> more disturbing game moments.  My warrior was using the Blood Dragon armor and a star-iron two handed sword, neither of which apparently exist in Awakenings.  Yes, Aethelwulf of the Grey Wardens showed up buck naked and unarmed.  Amusing, because the opening narration had him walking along with a woman and casually discussing the latest news, and alarming because the opening narration immediately deposits you into a battle.

Well, if Bio Ware was trying to make Awakenings memorable, then they’ve already succeeded.


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