Hulk SMASH Volume One!

I was mulling over the last few games I had played this morning.  I came to the conslusion that I missed two things in WoW: the music (which I have on CD anyway) and the humor (especially in the voice-overs).  When it comes to story, gameplay, and eye candy, I definitely prefer LotRO.  Maybe in the next major expansion, LotRO will pick up some nice orchestral music.

On the topic of LotRO: I finished Volume I with Burhhelm last night.  Rather, he shredded and AoE’d his way through Volume I.  I will grant you that Burhhelm is level 65, but what he did to elite masters and nesmeses was almost criminal.  I actually felt bad for the NPCs that he fought.  I’ll need to try some of the Volume I epics on my Guardian, so I can try out the Inspired Greatness buff on-level.

So, what is next for Burhhelm?  I think I’d like to go fishing again.  Why not?  He has finished Volume I – he has earned it.


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