E Tenebrae Lux

It was only a matter of time.  The times change, but every so often, the spark of my faith in the Lion and the Emperor rekindles my inner fire.  I am spurred into action, such as it is.

Yes, I am revamping my old Dark Angels once again.  I don’t know why I bother – there’s no one in my area who plays the game except as a highly competitive activity along with tantrums and dice-throwing – and these are people who are age 30+.  Suffice it to say that I avoid that lot.

Keeping in mind that I’ll probably only play once or twice a year, I’m trying to avoid the purchase of many new models – my budget for this is $20.  I believe I can pull it off – I have amassed quite a variety of Dark Angel models over the years.  I’m sure that I can put an interesting list together for 2000 point games.  I’ll just need to re-paint some unit insignia as I move models from one squad to another, and I’ll have a lot of re-basing to do.  Most of my expenses will probably come from purchasing fresh painting supplies.

List-wise, I’m not looking to put a tournament-level force together.  Fluff and cool models are more important to me and the people who I game with than the raw ability of the models.  An article in an old White Dwarf magazine once said that Ravenwing and Deathwing units really define a Dark Angels army.  Otherwise, you might as well be playing vanilla Space Marines.  I’m trying to put at least two Ravenwing and two Deathwing units in the list, but they are cost many points.  Still, the visual effect will be worth it.

 LotRO-wise, I’m closing in on the final chapters of the Volume I epic quest line.  The storyline has been pretty good – better than the Mirkwood stuff, in my opinion.  I’ve been ignoring my alts in order to work on the epic, though.  I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying myself.

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