So, This Is Volume III

I’ve tried out and completed the first book of the new volume.  It’s a lot of running around, but such is life – you expect that from the epic quest.  IfI were to grade it, I would give it a C+. 

I’ve also had a chance to go back and attack old volume I quests.  Yes, a Champion can solo them.  The buff seems to quintuple my health, triple my stamina, and double my damage.  That’s more than enough to tear through any opposition.  I give this feature an A.

As to the new crafting patterns: while it is nice that new things have been introduced to the lower level items, no new level 65 items have come to light.  This means that the best crafted stuff is still the Lothlorien gear.  This seem to encourage a raid/instance grind in order to upgrade your gear at 65, one of which I will not partake.  I did that in WoW, I will not do it in LotRO – it burns you out and makes you hate the game.  I give the crafting “update” a D-.


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