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Slogging On

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It’s been a very wet week.  It seems like it’s been raining about half of the time, and while the plant life may love it, I am not a fan.

LotRO-wise, the Spring Festival has been going for a week.  I found some parts interesting – like the Ale Association, after all, who doesn’t like to push hobbits around?  However, I have been irritated by the problems which Turbine has been having with the festival horse vendors.  My cunning plan was to save gold on a horse purchase by having my Guardian (now level 42) wait for a festival before acquiring a mount.  Well, he has a race token and 45 spring leaves, but no horse.  My dog stated it best when he said “Grrr.”

On the 40k front, I have not been idle.  I scrapped my initial plan to convert one of the new Space Hulk terminators, and decided to play with green stuff again.  Green stuff and myself have a long and illustrious hate-hate relationship.  However, I think the results weren’t half bad (though they look a bit messy unprimed.

Oh, did I mention that the model is magnetized?  Yeah, I can swap out the wargear.  I’m not exactly the first person to do this, but I’m still pleased with the result.

En Alae Mortis, indeed.


Commence au Festival!

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The Spring Festival is being sprung upon us.  I hope everyone is ready for some generally silliness and lag over the next week or two.

Burhhelm is a mighty angler indeed, now.  With the changes to the fishing system, it was relatively easy to get enough darters, trout, and sturgeon to collect the large group trophies.  In an effort to creep everyone out, I’ve moved all of the dead fish to the central room of my house, and moved all severed head trophies to the bedroom.  That ought to keep people from crashing at my place.

Although I purchased Chaos Rising for Dawn of War 2, and I went through the introduction of Dragon Age: Awakenings, I really haven’t had time to scratch the surface of either of those games.  Time has been a scare commodity.

For tabletop gaming (specifically 40K), I did manage to secure enough bits to make a convincing Belial model to lead my Deathwing contingent.  I can’t wait to get to work on it.  I’ve a few ideas and there are three possible models I could cobble together out of this mess.

Fish, Swords, and the Sword Halls

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What does a main character do when there is little end-game content that he has not visited ?  Go fishing, naturally!

Yes, Burhhelm is still fishing away.  Call it an obsession.  I call it relaxing.  I’ve added the trout group trophy to my collection, and I’m trying to find out where I can catch a pallid sturgeon in order to finish off the sturgeon group (currently, I’m fishing in Eregion).  A waste of time?  Silly?  Of course it is, but I’m enjoying it.

A few friends and me hit the Sword Hall and the Warg Pens over the last two days.  The results were impressive – one of my companions hit level 65 and the other one maxed the level out on his third age weapon.  As for me, I had fun – Warg Pens was something that was on my to-do list, and I took great pleasure in marking it off.

And finally, there was a long discussion in Kin chat primarily regarding legendary items, but touching on gear in general, also..  I found it interesting, though I will confess that I enjoy talking about game-theory and others find it to be a dry topic.  Many people found the idea of replacing legendary items to be somewhat repugnant – after all, they are supposed to level along with the character.  I can sympathize.  There’s not good reason not to put quest lines into the game which would allow you to upgrade the level cap on an existing legendary item as you level up.   Personally, I find it appalling that as a crafter, I cannot determine the legacies on an item that I make.  That is patently stupid – do crafters wear a blindfold when they make legendary items?  Finally, someone brought up the whole concept of gear-dependancy; basically, too much of your character’s ability comes from the gear they carry.  I agree with this.  In my opinion, gear bonuses should take a heavy nerfing, and I would raise the bonuses from virtues (you’d have to make virtues scale with level, though).

I’m sure that others have already put this idea forth more eloquently than I can.  Sometimes, however, you just have to voice your opinion.

Go Punch a Leprechaun or Something

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Yeah, it is Saint Patrick’s day.  No, I don’t want any green beer.  I do have the overwhelming urge to generate a Dwarf or Hobbit, dress them all in green, and run around spamming “They’re magically delicious, you magnificent bastards!”

It’s been a long, long week.  To be more precise, it’s been a twelve day work week.  No days off, no time to really unwind, but I did snag a promotion, which is always good.  Not much time for gaming, but I did sneak a little I over the last two days.

On Monday, my usual group of cohorts recruited me to hit the level 45 instance in the Barrow Downs.  The name eludes me, but I find it interesting in that it is really just a mini-zone.  It isn’t really instanced – we ran across other people multiple times.  That’s good and it’s bad, as we could only locate two boss mobs on which to vent our fury.  A couple more trips to that place, and I’ll finally be up to Kindred with the men of Bree.

On Tuesday, I tinkered around with Dawn of War.  I didn’t have a great deal of time, of course, so I haven’t even begun the new Chaos Rising campaign.  In any case, I’d like to finish the original campaign with a character, and then roll into the new content.

Along with Chaos Rising, my copy of Dragon Age: Awakenings arrived.  Since I just recently finished the original game, I decided to import my old character before I hit the sack for the night.  I would have to say that the result was one of my <ahem> more disturbing game moments.  My warrior was using the Blood Dragon armor and a star-iron two handed sword, neither of which apparently exist in Awakenings.  Yes, Aethelwulf of the Grey Wardens showed up buck naked and unarmed.  Amusing, because the opening narration had him walking along with a woman and casually discussing the latest news, and alarming because the opening narration immediately deposits you into a battle.

Well, if Bio Ware was trying to make Awakenings memorable, then they’ve already succeeded.

Busy Week

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No days off this week – 2 days of overtime, instead.  No time to unwind is a bitch (hey, I like my free time), but at least I get some extra money this month to spend on some new toys.  Dark cloud, silver lining, and all of that stuff.

I did get to spend an hour or so fishing with Burhhelm.  I caught a few darters in Forochel, which was some nice progress towards the darter group trophy.  The best catch, however, awas that 50 pound salmon I hauled out of the cave in Gath Forthnir.  Much happiness ensued.

Hulk SMASH Volume One!

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I was mulling over the last few games I had played this morning.  I came to the conslusion that I missed two things in WoW: the music (which I have on CD anyway) and the humor (especially in the voice-overs).  When it comes to story, gameplay, and eye candy, I definitely prefer LotRO.  Maybe in the next major expansion, LotRO will pick up some nice orchestral music.

On the topic of LotRO: I finished Volume I with Burhhelm last night.  Rather, he shredded and AoE’d his way through Volume I.  I will grant you that Burhhelm is level 65, but what he did to elite masters and nesmeses was almost criminal.  I actually felt bad for the NPCs that he fought.  I’ll need to try some of the Volume I epics on my Guardian, so I can try out the Inspired Greatness buff on-level.

So, what is next for Burhhelm?  I think I’d like to go fishing again.  Why not?  He has finished Volume I – he has earned it.

E Tenebrae Lux

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It was only a matter of time.  The times change, but every so often, the spark of my faith in the Lion and the Emperor rekindles my inner fire.  I am spurred into action, such as it is.

Yes, I am revamping my old Dark Angels once again.  I don’t know why I bother – there’s no one in my area who plays the game except as a highly competitive activity along with tantrums and dice-throwing – and these are people who are age 30+.  Suffice it to say that I avoid that lot.

Keeping in mind that I’ll probably only play once or twice a year, I’m trying to avoid the purchase of many new models – my budget for this is $20.  I believe I can pull it off – I have amassed quite a variety of Dark Angel models over the years.  I’m sure that I can put an interesting list together for 2000 point games.  I’ll just need to re-paint some unit insignia as I move models from one squad to another, and I’ll have a lot of re-basing to do.  Most of my expenses will probably come from purchasing fresh painting supplies.

List-wise, I’m not looking to put a tournament-level force together.  Fluff and cool models are more important to me and the people who I game with than the raw ability of the models.  An article in an old White Dwarf magazine once said that Ravenwing and Deathwing units really define a Dark Angels army.  Otherwise, you might as well be playing vanilla Space Marines.  I’m trying to put at least two Ravenwing and two Deathwing units in the list, but they are cost many points.  Still, the visual effect will be worth it.

 LotRO-wise, I’m closing in on the final chapters of the Volume I epic quest line.  The storyline has been pretty good – better than the Mirkwood stuff, in my opinion.  I’ve been ignoring my alts in order to work on the epic, though.  I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying myself.