If It Seems Like I’m Being Quiet, It’s Because I Am

I’ve been laying low for the last two weeks.  There’s not much going on in Middle Earth, save for the occasional skirmish.

I’m still tinkering around with other games, waiting for Volume 3 to be published.  While I’m at it, I’m reading a few books.  Like I said, there’s nothing going on.

Nothing that I’m doing, that is.  Mother Nature had her way with my townhouse.  The fascia and gutter tore free from the rear of my place and made a nice racket as it crashed to the ground.    The contractor with whom I deal regarding roof and gutter cleaning and repairs announced that his team found a good deal of rotten wood that will need to be replaced.  Mind you, they’ve been inspecting the roof, gutters, and eaves every Spring for the last five years, and they never saw any problems before.  Such is life, I suppose.


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