A Song of Skirmishes and Dragons

Skirmish.  That’s the key.  Two levels per week, per character.

Okay, that’s a boring way to play the game, I admit it.  However, I find the skirmish system a lot less frustrating than searching for an area with quests that are on-level for one of my characters.  My Loremaster clawed his way through two levels by questing like a madman in the Bree Fields/Barrow Downs/North Downs areas.  It took several hours.  My Guardian pounded out three skirmishes per day, and got two levels in about half the time that it took the Loremaster.  You could argue that the Guardian is more potent than the Loremaster, but I don’t buy into that at these low levels.  I think that skirmishing is the fast track to level 65.  It is also infinitely more fun than running away from the elite mobs which you blunder into while wandering and looking for the areas where you can quest.  Not that I ran across any or anything.  Ahem.

Since I was out of rested XP, and I didn’t feel like skirmishing on Burhhelm yesterday, I finally loaded Dragon Age: Origins on my computer.  I actually pre-ordered it way back when, and it has been sitting next to my router for the better part of a year.  I found the human intro to be amazingly fun – it is very much like A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin.  Unfortunately, I could not muster the interest to play much beyond the introduction.  Maybe next week.

For some unfathomable reason, I have the urge to keep skirmishing with Burhhelm, despite there being nothing of significance that he wants to purchase from the skirmish vendors.  I’ll see if I can pull down another 5k or so marks this week.  Just because I can, I guess.


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