Maybe Just a Little Too Fast?

I’ve been wondering if the XP rate in skirmishes was something that was beta tested by the same people who designed the defective Toyota accelerators.  In short, the XP per hour in skirmishes is still insane.  So, the only logical thing to do is take advantage of the situation and pound out a few levels on my Guardian.

OK, this is obviously an alt update and point-of-view spew.  My Guardian is only level 36.  The first few skirmishes he tried were miserable, because his soldier was pretty much just there for moral support.  Now that his bannerman can actually contribute, things are looking way up for him.  I’m looking forward to playing my Loremaster in skirmishes, but I’m holding back on playing him right now – he is earmarked for a Barrows run, as soon as the rest of my motley crew of friends (there’s a heavy metal joke in there somewhere) get their own alts up to speed.

In any case, it is a good idea for me to level up my Guardian a bit, because he is actually a Supreme Master Jeweller.  I almost regret making Burhhelm an Armsman.  The legendary weapon system pretty much killed demand for weapons, though I can craft my own offhand weapons.  So, it’s not totally wasted.

In retrospect, I have to say that the most useful crafting skills (not including gathering skills) are armorsmith/tailor, jeweller, and cooking.  If you’re making a crafting alt, make sure you can cover at least one of these bases – they are going to be your major expenses.  I’m not the kind of player that believes in total self-sufficiency, but with a few friends, you can cover all of the major crafting bases.

Anyway, I’ll pound out a few skirmishes each day on my Guardian, and I’ll also keep Burhhelm skirmishing.  You can never have enough marks on hand, just in case.


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