It seems like very little is going on in-game for people level 60+ right now.  I think that most people are waiting for Volume 3 to be released before they dedicate any real play time to the game right now.

Be that as it may, Burhhelm has been skirmishing quite a bit, lately.  If he ever does come into possession of a decent 2nd age item, he will have all of the scrolls needed to boost the tier of the legacies.  Other than that, there are very few activities going on right now for him.

On the alt front, my Loremaster is up to level 22, and I even tried playing around with my Guardian a little bit.  I want to get the Guardian into skirmishes, just to see how the class handles.  The Loremaster, on the other hand, is being groomed to visit instances.  I’m looking forward to visiting the Great Barrow once again.


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