Is This Virginia or Forochel?

It’s been about a week since my last post.  We got socked pretty well by the snowstorm that rolled through the DC area on Friday and Saturday.  My block lost power on Friday night, and we didn’t get it back until late Sunday afternoon.  No LotRO is bad… no heat for a day and a half in the middle of a winter storm is worse.

Anyway, I opened a bottle of mead that I bought for such an eventuality (yeah, mead… I have to feed my inner viking once in a while), and I got to thinking about various things, including LotRO.  When the power came back up, I spent a while speaking with one of my gaming buddies about the state of the game.  What we agreed on was this: the best thing to come out of the Siege of Mirkwood is the skirmish system.

The epic quest line is okay, but that’s all.  Other parts of the epic quest line have been good to excellent – especially when it feels like you’re supporting the Fellowship’s flank, fighting a shadow war against Sauron’s minions.  The Mirkwood epic quests feel like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of endlessly killing orcs.  I know Turbine can do better – they have done better in the past.  We need some content that is a little more engaging.

For our inner loot-mongers (which is a nice way of saying it), we also felt disappointed at the things offered in the Mirkwood expansion.  Overall, some of the items are slightly better than what could be made or found in Moria and Lothlorien.  Those were the exceptions, though – many people still use about half of the top-level items from Lorien and Moria, especially jewellery and armor.  Personally, I went off and earned 5 of the 6 pieces of radiance armor which you can get from the 3-man instances, but they are equal to the Lorien crafted gear at best.  I don’t know anyone who uses the crafted stuff from Mirkwood;  it is sub-par.

Naturally, everyone I know who plays LotRO is looking forward to the next major patch.  More crafting recipes/patterns will offer us a chance to snag a few upgrades, and maybe even make crafting a significant skill once again.

Anyway, back to the frozen tundra of Virginia.  When I’m done digging out (more snow is on the way), then I’ll go skirmish a few more times.  It’s what keeps me in the game right now.


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