Drowning in AOE

I’ve decided to set aside the Volume I epic, but I made a little headway on the Volume II epic quest line last night.  It’s not like I won LotRO, or anything like that, but it is nice to move the quest line along.

Three of my kinmates were stuck on 2.4.7 with me, so it was just a little matter of getting enough people together and then heading off to the Drowned Treasury for a little bit of octopus sushi.  Most of us were level 65, but in our group of six, we had two Champions and a Hunter.  That’s a lot of AoE smackdown.  Granted, Hunters aren’t as AOE heavy as Champions, but still… the trash pulls didn’t take long.

So, aside from that little personal triumph, Turbine announced that Volume III would be released next month, along with new and improved crafting patterns/recipes.  I’m hoping that these will be to level 65 items as the Lothlorien items were to level 60 gear.  I’m a person who likes to use crafted gear over drops or bartered gear.  Maybe I’m just a throwback to DAoC, but that’s just the way I feel about it.

So, the weekend is young – let’s see if I can insinuate myself into an instance run at some point.


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