Playing LotRO on the Apple Slate

Let’s see how many hits that gets.

I have to confess that LotRO is getting a little repetitive, when playing Burhhelm.  On my average weeknight, I log in, go one three or four skirmishes, then log out.  Everyone that I know seems to be working on alts right now.

Speaking of alts, my Loremaster seems to be coming along nicely.  I only play the character for one or two days each week, but he makes progress.  I have one final character slot open amid the sub-level 10 collection of characters that I have tinkered with, and I am considering the creation of… another Champion.

Call me crazy, but I play my Champion beause I genuinely like the class.  I play alts of other classes because I have to, in order to fill some role or another.  I play my Champion because I want to.  If I put myself on this course of action, then I’ll need to decide what race to play.

I have much to ponder.


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