Starts With a Roar, But Ends With a Whimper

I haven’t been playing my Captain much, since the expansion was released.  The problem that I have been having is that he’s just not a very capable solo class any longer.

I think that it’s a combination of things.  I noticed that the Captain was putting out significantly less damage, taking more damage, and expending more power in each fight at around level 45.  I had hoped that it was a question of gear, but re-outfitting him at level 50 and 54 did not seem to make any difference.  He’s level 55 now, and I just don’t enjoy playing him – I like my fights to go more quickly, and I like to pull mobs one after the other.

So, now my Captain is respecced to a healing set of traits, and I only play him when people need a healer for skirmishes.  Even then, a Captain makes a mediocre healer, but at least he’s heavily armored.  The question that I now face is: what class do I make my primary alt, then?

Burhhelm (Champion) remains my primary character.  I enjoy AOE attacks, and I tend to play an AOE class in every game that I play for more than a month.  However, I always like to branch out a little and play a character which is different from my usual AOE DPS role.  In LotRO, a tank is a little too similar to the Champion, at least for my tastes, and I have an unwilling healer (the Captain).  So, I’m left with the following options: a crowd control class (Burglar, Loremaster, or Warden), a ranged DPS (Runekeeper, Loremaster, or Hunter), or bite the bullet and play my Guardian.

I’m starting to lean towards the Loremaster or Runekeeper, due to their ability to fill in as multiple roles (although not the best at them).  I’ve done Sword Hall with a Loremaster doing the healing, and it’s quite workable.  Two of the people in my circle of friends play a Runekeeper, and they can heal and DPS quite well.  However, we do have a dearth of Loremasters, and I think it is time to try one out.

Hopefully, he won’t go the same route as the Captain.


3 Responses to “Starts With a Roar, But Ends With a Whimper”

  1. Well, if you’re worried about time to kill stuff – I’d stay away from a warden as their DPS is pretty slow. And they’re not quite a CC class, unless you consider (I do actually) tanking all the mobs at once crowd control 🙂 However, one thing about wardens is once you get a hang of the gambits you can handle REALLY large pulls! And do things like solo sword halls 😉

    As for your captain, mine goes in waves. I certainly understand where you’re coming from as mine is back on the shelf after getting him to 62 and friend reputation in Mirkwood. Mainly I enjoy my captain while grouped, he’s a bit hard to deal with solo as he’s no where near as survivable as my warden.


  2. Well, the only reason that I consider Wardens a CC capable class is the javelin stun they have. I have a very low-level Warden, but I haven’t dedicated enough time to really learn the class. They seem fun, and the gambit system is like a minigame on its own.

    The two people with whom I play pretty much made my decision for me – they created a Warden and a Burglar. So, I created a Minstrel and a Loremaster with which I can experiment. I find healing alone to be too passive to hold my interest, so I think the LM may have the edge.


  3. Gotcha, yeah that stun is pretty short – similar to the crits on the Minstrels piercing cry. Good for pulling and starting fights, but since it can only be used when NOT in combat I don’t usually consider it a CC ability. But I agree that gambits to take some time but can be a very powerful system.

    And I think you’re done the right path, other then an RK 🙂


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