It’s Just Common Sense

What I’m about to write is common sense.  You know these points, other people know these points, but not everyone actually uses this knowledge.  Anyway, I’m putting it out there again, for all to read.  Naturally, this is written from the point of view of a Champion, but most of the ideas are applicable to other classes as well.

So, you got invited to a fellowship.  Maybe it’s a PUG, maybe it’s a guild group, and maybe it’s just a couple of friends getting together online.  The specifics do not matter.  Even if it’s a very casual fellowship, you need to be prepared and behave in a mostly civilized fashion.

There are some things that you should do while grouped…

  • Take a bathroom/smoke/beer/whatever break before the action starts.  Stopping in the middle of questing, a skirmish, or an instance can kill momentum.
  • Bring a full load-out of potions and/or salves with you.  Use them as required.  It takes the load off of the other players if you can remove some effects and do a little healing on your own.
  • Repair your gear before you start.  Do you know what it’s like to watch the armor disintegrate off the back of your tank while in an instance?  I do.  It’s not pretty.
  • Turn on voice chat (or use Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, etc.).  Typing in the middle of combat just isn’t going to happen.
  • Try to get to the rendezvous location (if there is one) quickly.  This isn’t the time to go on errands (unless you are buying potions or getting repairs, of course).

And there are some things that you should NOT do…

  • Don’t spring a hidden agenda on the group.  If the players grouped up to do quest X, and you announce that you need to do quest Y, you can derail the fellowship.  Wait until the original objectives are completed before announcing that you have other things with which you’d like some help.
  • Don’t go AFK without announcing it.  It’s also more polite to request an AFK ahead of time.
  • Don’t use your skills at improper moments or situations.  Don’t spam AOE attacks when CC is active.  If you are a CC class, do not try to use CC abilities in the middle of a pitched melee.
  • Please don’t stand in AOE attacks.  Leave that to the tanks.  They like getting hit in the head.
  • Above all, avoid pulling agro off of the tank – it makes their job more difficult – and protect the healer, even if it means being defeated in combat.
  • Finally, don’t whine about loot or repairs.  If someone got a nice drop, then good for them.  Your turn will come.  If the fellowship is getting thrashed and your repair bill is through the roof, then that’s a shame, but others have the same situation.  Complaining won’t make it cheaper for anyone.

When playing the game with other players, you need to get into a different frame of mind than you have while solo.  Just spamming your skills isn’t enough any longer, you now need to consider the consequences of your actions, because they now impact on other people as well.  More than that, you need to consider the context in which you’re playing.  If you join up with four friends in a fellowship that they call “The Goblin-Town Suicide Squad,” then you are going to adopt a different attitude than you would have if you were joining a PUG for Sword Hall on hard mode.  Each group will define “success” differently.  Adjust your play style appropriately.


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