Getting Up to Speed

It’s been a while, so let me present you with last week’s events, and what the new week may hold for me.

The Week in Review:

In reality, I got moved to a new office, one with a better commute.

In LotRO: I’ve pretty much maxed out my third-age one hander by skirmishing and buying scrolls of empowerment with the marks.

I was bitterly disappointed with my experiences using a two-hander, and eventually let my local relic-master break down my crafted third age 2H sword for a handful of relics.

I ran the hell out of the Sword Halls.  Burhhelm is equipped in the three-piece set of level 65 radiance armor, and 2 of the 3 pieces of lvl 60 pieces of radiance armor.

While most of the radiance gear is pretty good, I find that it lacks Fate bonuses.   Some call me crazy, but I like a bunch of extra Fate so my in-combat power regen is fairly high.  I’m looking for a solution, but have come up empty so far.

The Week in Preview:

I’m going to try to visit a few more of the Dol Guldur dungeons.  The Sword Hall is a nice place to visit, but I’m sick of living there.

I’m going to rattle some other cages, and see if there is anyone in my Kinship who might be on the same steps of the epic quest as I am.

As an experiment, I’m going to go hunting around for a decent lvl 61+ dagger  to try as an offhand.  I’m presently using a hammer, which is a drop from the Sword Hall, and it is superior to the best crafted one-handers available right now.  However, part of me wants to see what the higher attack speed of using a dagger will do to the combat experience.  I’ll start my hunt ASAP, as that could be fun.


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